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Please refer to the exact lunar calendar on this page if you were born in January or February.

RAT: 1900 - 1912 - 1924 - 1936 - 1948 - 1960 - 1972 - 1984 - 1996 - 2008 - 2020
At first meeting, the Rat may appear reserved, but on the contrary, this is a very social person and blessed with a horde of friends. The Rat-born possess charm and wit, and will always give you a strong shoulder to lean on in times of crisis. The Rat is very generous with compassion and concern. Rats have a lot of potential, but they are often too selfless to reach their full potential without a strong agent behind them, advocating, and opening doors for them. If you know a Rat, stand behind them. If you're an agent, advocate for your Rat clients. They may not make a lot of noise, demanding attention and support, so you need to recognize their talents and make noise for them!

OX: 1901 - 1913 - 1925 - 1937 - 1949 - 1961 - 1973 - 1985 - 1997 - 2009 - 2021
You couldn't find a stronger or harder working soul if you searched forever. The Ox is dependable, methodical and usually inflexible. Their sense of honor and loyalty is admirable and sincere. They never rely on luck to play a role in their success, hard work brings them their rewards. Don't expect flowery or romantic poetry from these bovine Don Juans, they express their love through hard work and duty. Oxen believe that working hard for you should prove how much they love you. They can be cranky, but they're worth it.

TIGER: 1902 - 1914 - 1926 - 1938 - 1950 - 1962 - 1974 - 1986 - 1998 - 2010 - 2022
The Tiger personality is commanding and fearless. They appreciate respect, even if it's coerced. Tigers enjoy being at the center of attention and possess sizzling charisma. They have a passionate love for life and pursue it with non-stop activity. Tigers will not collapse under pressure. Instead, they become fighting angry and stronger than ever. Tigers believe in helping humanity, and they love animals, little children, and the great outdoors. Tigers shine in adventure and taking risks. Don't be surprised when your Tiger buys a big house and plants lots of trees, comes home with a motorcycle, parachute, or fast car. If no one else will jump out of the plane or be at the front during battle, leave it to a Tiger to lead the way.

RABBIT: 1903 - 1915 - 1927 - 1939 - 1951 - 1963 - 1975 - 1987 - 1999 - 2011 - 2023
Although the Chinese refer to this sign as the Rabbit, other cultures use the Cat to represent this personality; I often do, too. The Cat is graceful and adept in the smooth escape from danger. Sensitive to their surroundings, Cats possess a keen ability to assess a situation and act accordingly. A lover of peace and tranquility, the Cat will only opt to fight if backed into a corner. This sign can also be very psychic.

DRAGON: 1904 - 1916 - 1928 - 1940 - 1952 - 1964 - 1976 - 1988 - 2000 - 2012 - 2024
Dragons possess intensity and fire. They seek peace and, ironically, engage in war only if it is for the purpose of fighting for peace and fairness. When confronted, Dragons will stand up to any adversary and will not be intimidated. A mighty Dragon will speak their mind without fear of contradiction. They are able to remain congenial and gracious as long as their sense of justice is being observed. Dragons possess a fierce temper and will breathe fire when they reach their boiling point. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire of a Dragon, just get out of their way and wait for the Dragon to simmer down. A Dragon needs to breathe fire every now and then, it's their nature. Dragons do well when they adopt a physical outlet or hobby to express their fire. Martial arts or other physical arts like dancing, fencing, or track and field events can be a successful outlet for Dragons.

SNAKE: 1905 - 1917 - 1929 - 1941 - 1953 - 1965 - 1977 - 1989 - 2001 - 2013 - 2025
The Snake is graceful, strong, and charismatic. They are logical, strategic thinkers, and most often do not reveal their true thoughts. Snakes are generous, empathic, and kind-hearted. They possess a quality of elegance in their manner and do not respect crass, boisterous or undignified behavior. The Snake cannot comprehend naiveté and considers this trait in others to be either a lack of intelligence or a secret method of manipulation.

HORSE: 1906 - 1918 - 1930 - 1942 - 1954 - 1966 - 1978 - 1990 - 2002 - 2014 - 2026
The Horse is outgoing and likable. They possess a great sense of humor, but can also be very stubborn. Horses are very independent, they want things done their way, and are able to do more than one thing at a time. Horses often leave home at a young age to fend for themselves. The Horse's movements are quick and many. Possessing a kind heart and a happy-go-lucky attitude, Horses never have a shortage of lovers and friends.

SHEEP: 1907 - 1919 - 1931 - 1943 - 1955 - 1967 - 1979 - 1991 - 2003 - 2015 - 2027
The Sheep is kind, thoughtful, and respectful of others, and an easy mark for a sob story. The Chinese consider this sign to be very lucky. Like everyone else, the Sheep-born will face hard times, but don't worry about the Sheep, somehow they always pull themselves through with strength and fortitude, and will probably carry a few others along with them. The Sheep generously offers empathy and consideration, and in return expects the same level of consideration from others. The Sheep is often disappointed to realize that others don't possess their level of consideration. Although Sheep are kind, fair, and compassionate, they are also as strong as steel in business, and their verbal delivery can sometimes seem harsh and unfriendly.

MONKEY: 1908 - 1920 - 1932 - 1944 - 1956 - 1968 - 1980 - 1992 - 2004 - 2016 - 2028
Monkeys enjoy people and are gifted with good social graces. You will always be impressed with the Monkey's well-mannered presence and artistic good taste. The Monkey is likely to react humbly or demure when flattered, but underneath, the Monkey is very self-confident and will hold you in high regard for your astute observation of them. Lovable, sexy, and charismatic, a Monkey's charisma will take them to the top, and their hard work, skills, and talent will keep them there.

ROOSTER: 1909 - 1921 - 1933 - 1945 - 1957 - 1969 - 1981 - 1993 - 2005 - 2017 - 2029
Roosters are bold and dashing. They take stage in any situation. They have a wonderful fiscal ability and enjoy organizing, directing, and implementing their sound plans and ideas. They can be blunt and to the point, so be careful asking a Rooster for their opinion, they will give it to you. Roosters have sensible ideas. They are very artistic, crafty, filled with creative and nurturing skills. They make wonderful advisors, teachers (especially for children). They are crusaders supporting the innocent and vulnerable. They can sound critical, in their efforts to guide, and at times their critiques unintentionally sound more like insults. Their intentions are to help, so it is important to receive their critiques with their intentions in mind.

DOG: 1910 - 1922 - 1934 - 1946 - 1958 - 1970 - 1982 - 1994 - 2006 - 2018 - 2030
Dogs possess a lovable quality, and they are loyal friends and fun companions. Dogs have charisma and sex appeal, which brings them many admirers. They are masterful salesmen, deal makers, they are the leaders of packs, cliques, and even cults! Although dogs can be smug and cynical, they are very social and enjoy roaming the neighborhoods. Dogs are outgoing and love to communicate. Opinionated and argumentative at times, dogs don't like to fight, unless it's for their survival. A cheerful puppy can turn into a vicious Pit Bull if their family or security is threatened. On the whole, the Dog is likable, open-minded, and on the go.

PIG: 1911 - 1923 - 1935 - 1947 - 1959 - 1971 - 1983 - 1995 - 2007 - 2019 - 2031
Honesty (sometimes to their detriment), generosity (sometimes to their impoverishment), courage (sometimes to their demise), and naiveté (sometimes their greatest ally) describes the optimistic little piggy. Pigs see the best in all people, which is why it is so easy to like Pigs, and so easy to deceive them. Pigs work tirelessly to please those around them. They will never refuse a task and never quit till it's done. Pigs are intelligent, often masked by a friendly disposition. Pigs are spiritual and often employ esoteric methods, often spiritual leaders, guides, and gurus. Honor means everything to the Pig. Never to employ malevolent intent, when a Pig is betrayed, they simply sever ties.

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